Those two are literally amazing! Each second with them felt like taking pictures on Malibu shore ! Blond hair, Dark skin, Longboard and of course, Tshuka the cutest dog ! When the sun was about to vanish, I got the perfect dim light with the romantic photos i always want the get ! Enjoy

Michal & Yaeer – California dreamin

As a blogger, Luba is filled with inspiration, she’s also a huge Wes Anderson fan, who’s movies are always unique and visually intriguing.. A romantic photoshoot, based on Wes anderson’s style, was something Luba was always interested in. When the idea to create a photoshoot inspired by “Moonrise kingdom” came up, needless to say – […]

Luba & Natan – Cosmic Romance

With this amazing couple, I wanted to do something different. We went to shoot deep in the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel where is busy and crowded and to separate them to the viewer eye by shooting with long exposures. As you will see, there are some “regular” photos as well (I have to put […]

Hamutal & Nir